McLaughlin Smoak & Clarke Benefits creates healthier companies and educates their employees to keep healthcare costs down, long term. Our clients win with lower health care costs, less absenteeism, and more productivity. 

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Human Resource Assistance
Human Resources Management featuring compliance and guidelines
Comprehensive wellness program
Empower employees of all fitness levels to take control of their health
Health Care Reform
A educational & multi-faceted approach to reform
McLaughlin Smoak & Clarke University
Your password protected virtual library of health & wellness materials

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Foods that Fight the Cold and Flu

              Try these ten foods to help prevent or treat cold and flu symptoms! Citrus Fruit- These fruits contain high levels of Vitamin C antioxidants which can reduce cold symptoms by up to 23%. Ginger- Not only does this soothe a scratchy throat, but it also contains chemicals that […]

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December HR Brief


Did You Know? Many employers hire additional workers during the holidays. The same screening laws and EEOC guidelines that apply to regular applicants also apply to seasonal or temporary workers. Background checks for temporary workers must be just as thorough as those given to permanent workers, as employers may open themselves up to legal issues […]